RB warns West anarchists


RB warns West anarchistsBy ANGELA CHISHIMBA

PRESIDENT Banda has warned that the law will visit anyone threatening to expel non-Lozi-speaking people from Western Province.

The President said in Lusaka on January 11 that Government and law enforcement agencies have instituted measures to ensure that the meeting of the Barotse Freedom Movement planned for January 14 does not take place.

“They won’t go ahead with the planned meeting. there is a boma (Government) in this country,” he said.

President Banda condemned people causing confusion in Western Province.

“This is very bad. We have always lived together, we are all related to one another,” he said.

He, however, said Government is engaging relevant authorities in the province with a view to resolving the problem.

“Government has a way of doing things. We have a system of doing things, but the problem is that some people want us to stand on an anthill and announce what we are doing.

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