Zambia’s population now 13 million – census


PRELIMINARY results of the 2010 census of population and housing indicate that the population of Zambia has increased from 9,885,771 in 2000 to 13,046,508, Central Statistical Office (CSO) acting director John Kalumbi has said. The results also show that there were 6,069,753 eligible voters at the end of 2010, representing 47 per cent of the total Zambian population.
Of the total population of 13,046,508, 61 per cent (7,978,274) live in rural areas while 39 per cent (5,068,234) live in urban areas.
Mr Kalumbi, who was speaking during a Press briefing, said a comprehensive preliminary report would be disseminated to the public soon.
He said 6,394,455, representing 49 per cent of the total population, were male while 6,652,053 (51 per cent) were female.

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