MMD spokesperson dismisses crisis speculation


MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya has described as outrageous the impression created by some sections of the media that the ruling party is in a crisis. Ms Siliya told journalists in Lusaka on January 31 that some media houses are trying hard to create the impression that there are problems in the MMD.
“Contrary to some media reports, we in the MMD feel very strong at the moment. We have countrywide support and we are getting a lot of support, especially from young people to whom it has become clear that there is no other choice but the MMD in this year’s elections,” Ms Siliya said.
She was reacting to a story in The Post of January 31 in which Deputy Minister of Works and Supply Lameck Mangani was quoted as saying that things on the ground are not good for the MMD and that it is a lie that President Banda will win the elections without any difficulty.

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