Litunga ‘ll work with RB



THE Ngambela of Western Province has said the Litunga and people in the province are impressed with the development projects being undertaken by President Rupiah Banda’s administration and that the campaign to isolate the Government from the Lozis will not succeed.

In an interview at Limulunga palace in Mongu yesterday, the Ngambela, who is prime minister and holds the second-highest position after the Litunga, said attempts to drive a wedge between the Lozi-speaking people and the Government would fail.

He said the traditional leaders in the province would maintain the existing close relations they enjoy with the Government considering the many developmental issues it was tackling.

The Ngambela backed President Banda’s initiative to empower teachers and miners, as well as former miners occupying the former Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM) houses.

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