Southern chief, PF MP praise President Banda


CHIEF Mwanachingwala of the Tonga speaking people and Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament for Mwense Jacob Chongo have hailed president Rupiah Banda’s commitment and drive to ensure that development is taken to all provinces in Zambia within the short period of time he has served as Republican president.
Chief Mwanachingwala of the Tonga speaking people in Mazabuka district said it was undoubted that President Banda had spearheaded various development projects which included road rehabilitation, construction of schools and health infrastructure from the time he assumed office in 2008.
Chief Mwanachingwala said in an interview in Mazabuka yesterday that Mr Banda was travelling to different parts of the country launching a number of projects which he said was the reason for his election as Republican president.
“President Banda is most of the time seen officiating at schools, launching road work rehabilitation and so on.

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