Embrace mobile hospitals, advises Mwata Kazembe


SENIOR Chief Mwata Kazembe of the Lunda people in Luapula Province has said the concept of mobile hospitals should be commended by all well-meaning Zambians as it is meant to benefit people in remotest parts of the country.
The chief said in an interview from Mwansabombwe yesterday that he was surprised that some sections of society could be opposing the idea of Mobile hospitals instead of supporting it.
He said he did not understand the debate on the mobile hospitals because there were several people in remotest parts of the country who needed such services.
The traditional leader said people in far flung areas had been facing challenges of walking long distances to access medical services but that with the coming of mobile hospitals, such challenges would be minimised.
He said it was wrong for people to criticise the idea of mobile hospitals at the expense of giving it a try.

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