“This is not first time Sata´s illness is understated´´


Some  senior members of the Patriotic Front (PF) have openly differed after a clique of renegade members of the party’s supreme organ, the Central Committee, demanded that its leader, Michael Sata, steps down before the elections on account of persistent ill-health.

Serious cracks have since emerged after the ‘forward-thinking’ members digressed from the set agenda of a meeting called to discuss the pending party convention at Carnival Resort in Lusaka during the week and insisted that what they called “Plan B” be executed.

In the plan, the members are demanding that a new and energetic PF leader be identified quickly and sold to the nation sooner than later so that there is ample time for him to get public acceptance.

Some of the members’ concerns are that they do not want a repeat of what happened to President Mwanawasa, whose handlers allowed him to continue with stressful programmes when they knew that he needed to rest.

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