ZRA scanner ‘scam’ sucks-in Kunda 


By Times Reporter
EMBATTLED  MMD  chairperson  for  legal affairs George Kunda issued an illegal Statutory Instrument last year to sanction collection of ‘inspection fees’ of K360,000 from each transporter  by Bradwell International, a firm contracted by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) to manage scanners.According to sources, Mr Kunda, who was then vice-president authorised in August last year  the collection of K360,000 from each transporter even in ports where there were no scanners  to pay 85 per cent to Bradwell International.The remaining 15 per cent went to the Government.At the time, Mr Kunda issued  the Statutory Instrument he did not have the authority to do so because he was not Justice minister as Parliament had been dissolved.Finance and National Planning Minister Alexander Chikwanda has since revoked Mr Kunda’s illegal Statutory Instrument and abolished the K360,000 which was being levied on each truck.

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