Mongu residents bow and Kneel on the streets for returning Barotse Prime Minister


Details and Photos supplied by Charles Nyambe

A heroic and symbolic welcome greeted Barotseland Prime mister (Nagmbela) when he returned home after a tour of Livingstone, Monze and Mazabuka last Friday.

There was singing, dancing, ululating, sloganeering (Bulozi ki bwa luna) and “symbol waving” (lwa pumeha).

Subjects kneeled on the streets of Mongu as the  King’s representative and spokesperson passed by.

This happened on Friday 2nd March 2012 when the Ngambela of Barotseland, Honourable Clement Sinyinda met hundreds of people who came to welcome him to Mongu on his return from his first trip outside Barotseland since his installation.

This spontaneous event brought together people of Mongu when they caught wind that the Ngambela was arriving  in Mongu on the material day and some of them gathered at the welcome Mongu post near Hollywood hotel from as early as 13hrs until the Ngambela arrived two and half hours later.

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