Sata gives Botswana sch K51 million, says MMD will be re-registered


President Michael Sata has donated about 70 000 Botswana Pula  (K51 million) to Mogoditshane Senior Secondary School in Botswana.

And Sata says once MMD pays what he believes they owe the registrar of societies, they will be re-registered.

Sata made the donation when he officially opened the school in Gaborone on Tuesday.

Sata did not disclose if the money he donated will be from his salary or he will cut from tax payers.

Speaking about the MMD issue which has caused international outcry, Sata said :
“We have got nothing against them, we just want them to obey the law by paying the registration fees,” he said. He said, in fact, the government never de-registered MMD, rather, it was the registrar of societies that did. “Government wants them to pay, and once they have paid, the registrar will re-register their movement.

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