South Africa won’t handover Henry Banda, says envoy


South Africa High Commissioner to Zambia Moses Chikane has confirmed earlier revelations by the Watchdog that his country has refused to cooperate with Zambia over  Former President’s son Henry Banda.

Chikane says Banda cannot be handed over to the Zambian authorities just because they are needed for questioning. The High Commissioner said that his government would need solid charges before extradition can take place.

“The Zambian authorities would need to use Interpol to secure any law-breaker, including the same Mr Banda,” Mr Chikane said. “But we cannot hand over someone to any government…it doesn’t matter which government just because they are wanted for questioning…we need solid charges before any extradition can take place…in this case, all we have heard is that the gentleman is wanted for questioning that’s all”, Chikane told the government funded and edited Zambia Daily Mail.

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