Judge Musonda says Malawian judge too junior, as Judicial workers accuse Sata of breaching law


Suspended Supreme court Justice Phillip Musonda says the Malawian Judge who has been imported to lead a tribunal to investigate him and two other judges is too junior to handle the matter.

And the Judicial and Allied Workers of Zambia says President Michael Sata breached the constitution when he appointed a tribunal.

But the Law Association of Zambia, which is one of the complainants, says it has reveiwed the powers of the president and has concluded that he has powers to appoint tribunals under article 98 of the constitution.

LAZ present James Banda says Sata has powers to proceed as he has done.

IMPORTANT: LAZ president James Banda is a partner, that is, he runs a law firm jointly with Judge Albert Wood, the one who was hearing the case of the K14 billion which the Zambian Airways borrowed from the Development Bank of Zambia. It is the same Banda who went to complain to complain to Sata.

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