Now Robiana in ICU


ROBIANA Muteka, the 24-year-old man who recently underwent an operation at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) to remove a tumour from his back, has been admitted to the UTH’s main Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The neural fibro myoma tumour has completely covered his left lung and has displaced the heart from its position. Last week, Robiana, a resident of Livingstone, underwent a computerised tomography scan which revealed an extended growth of neural fibro myoma tumour on the left lung. This has resulted in him gasping for air, a condition that has compelled doctors to move him to the ICU, according to UTH managing director Luckson Kasonka, who confirmed this in an interview yesterday. Dr Kasonka said Robiana has been connected to the oxygen machine to assist him to breath as his left lung has been rendered ‘useless’ after being covered by the tumour.

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