PF doing things systematically and won’t allow detractors to disturb it – Gerry Chanda


The  Patriotic Front government  says it will not allow critics with well-known hidden agenda to disturb the plans it has for the people of Zambia.

Lusaka province minister Colonel Gerry Chanda says the government will not allow itself to fall into a trap by responding to everything that critics say.

Colonel Chanda noted that the government is aware of detractors who just wake up with nothing good to offer  and attack government unnecessarily.

Speaking to QFM, Colonel Chanda said the government has an enormous task ahead of it that the people of Zambia have bestowed upon it.

He said government under the leadership of President Michael Sata means serious business and is doing things systematically.

Colonel Chanda has assured every Zambian that the PF government will leave a living legacy that the country will be a much better place that it was found.

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