||    6 July 2012 @ 11:20

Business News
THE Zambia Coffee Growers Association (ZCGA) says it is likely to earn over K18.9 billion after meeting the projected 900 metric tonnes of coffee production this year. Association chief executive officer Joseph Taguma says with the current international price fetching an average of US$4,200 per tonne earning will exceed K18billion. Speaking in an interview in Lusaka, Mr Taguma, however, notes that the coffee industry is still facing key challenges such as lack of finance and low membership from small scale and commercial farmers. Mr Taguma also said that the industry has a vast market explaining that if it produced 40,000 metric tonnes it would sell it all to the international market. Meanwhile, the International Growth Centre (IGC) says lack of finance, limited access to market promotional information, lack of irrigation facilities and coffee production cycle aremain constraints to growth of the coffee industry.

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