Comment in Times Zambia: Sata is ok, but PF is losing it


PRESIDENT Michael Sata has emerged as one of the great leaders of Zambia because of his connection with the grassroots, and for him to win the last general elections it was because of the working relations.
President Sata left MMD and formed Patriotic Front (PF) party in 2001 and since then, he had been mobilising the supporters until he became President last year.
That is why he is a man of action as President as he is fondly known.
He is also recognised as a strong leader who comes from the grassroots.
Now coming back to the just ended by elections, I feel ever since PF came into power over nine months ago, there has been a detachment from the grassroots.
I don’t know the actual reason because in the past after elections, President Sata then in opposition would go back to the voters and appreciate them but I think some of the leaders working with President Sata are too busy for the grassroots.
In short, they have somehow forgotten about the grassroots.

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