MMD changes name to Mother of Multi-party Democracy?


The PF government contolled Times of Zambia reports that the MMD  has resolved to discard the name Movement for Multi-party Democracy and replaced this with Mother of Multi-party Democracy.
The Times of Zambia sources said senior party members felt the 20-year-old political party was no longer a movement but one which ruled the country and was key to bringing about democracy in Zambia.
The decision is said to have been made at the just-ended three-day retreat that the MMD had been having in the outskirts of Lusaka Province.
“A lot of issues were discussed during the retreat and one of them was the changing of the name to Mother of Multi-party Democracy,” the source said.
The source further said that it was also agreed that the party’s slogan, ‘The Hour Has Come’, which was equally outdated, should be redone.
The new slogan according to the source would be based on creating hope in the minds of the people.

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