Bogus suppliers snubbed


SOME bogus suppliers have been frequenting the Ministry of Home Affairs in a failed bid to influence the minister and his deputies to give them contracts at the expense of illegible entrepreneurs.
Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu revealed yesterday that some unscrupulous people purporting to be suppliers have gone to the extent of suggesting registering a joint company with him so that they could supply goods and services to his ministry.
He said in a statement issued by ministry of Home Affairs head of public relations Moses Suwali that the PF Government “would not walk in the MMD’s shoes” of influencing favours for contracts because the trend was an abuse of office.
Mr Lungu said because of fraud and ‘inside dealings’ associated with MMD’s beliefs of giving favours to people, the ministry would revise the list of suppliers.
The minister said he was appalled by the influx of suppliers frequenting his office asking for favours.

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