President Sata praises wife Kaseba in Japan


PRESIDENT Michael Sata yesterday praised his wife, Dr Christine Kaseba, for making him what he is today.

President Sata, when introducing his delegation to Keidanren – Japan’s Federation of the Private Sector, said First Lady Dr Kaseba was his ‘right hand person’ even though she was seated on his left, sending the audience into laughter.

“You see, because without her, I would not be where I am today,” he said shortly after making his address.

He said even if Dr Kaseba was on his left at the function, she was on his right and part of the distinguished ladies and gentlemen and a medical doctor.

President Sata showcased Zambia as a destination of choice for investment from Japan.

He said Zambia was strategically positioned to provide prospective business and investment to two large regional markets – Comesa and SADC.

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Finally the right Presidential joke. Well said Mr President. Women/wives make us what we become.