Sata makes Japanese Catholics very proud


A JAPANESE Catholic Priest says President Michael Sata’s showing of faith and love for God which is public has made Japanese Catholics very proud.

And President Sata yesterday said he was very impressed with the penetration of the Catholic Church in some Asian countries.

President Sata attended Mass at Kita 1 Joue Catholic Church in Sapporo together with ministers Given Lubinda, Sylvia Masebo and Emmanuel Chenda.

During his sermon themed; ‘Owning our possessions versus being owned by our possessions’, Fr Ken Sleyman said President Sata was the first President to attend Mass at the Cathedral since it started 10 years ago.

“Your model of showing your faith and love for God so publicly makes us very proud to be Catholic today and encourages us to be more courageous in living our Catholic faith life in Japan,” he said.

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