Let’s learn from Korea


From YANDE SYAMPEYO in Seoul, South Korea

AFRICA wants to benefit from South Korea’s development experience, President Sata has said.

Mr Sata says the Korea/Africa Economic Co-operation Forum is an important platform for sharing information on topical issues critical to Africa’s development.

“As you deliberate tomorrow [today], it is important for my African brothers and sisters to appreciate the advanced technology Korea can transfer to our continent, that can accelerate economic growth,” he said.

Mr Sata says the forum is a strategic partnership in fostering development in Africa and advancing mutual interest between Africa and Korea.

The President said this yesterday at the Blue House during a dinner hosted for participants to the Third Korea/Africa Economic Co-operation Forum by South Korean President Lee Myung Bak.

“We need to sustain this strategic partnership to provide a win-win situation for both sides within the context of South-South co-operation,” he said.

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Chris Gaza
8 years ago

the asian model of development wont necessary suit zambia or any other african country for that matter.

africa just needs trasparency and accountability organisational frameworks through constitional democracy and you will be amazed at the growth trajectory africa will have