I have no powers to close Zambian watchdog- confesses Andeleki


Zambia’s registrar of societies Clement Andeleki last night confessed to having no powers to close the Zambianwatchdog (this website).

Mr. Andeleki, a known crook, recently wasted tax-payers money paying government owned, but PF controlled media saying he was going to close the Watchdog within two days unless the owners went to kneel and confess before his office.

Mr. Andeleki, without doing a prior research and investigation advertised published what he thought was the Zambianwatchdog, but ended up mixing names in his newly created project which he called Watchdog for Zambia.

But featuring on state owned, PF controlled ZNBC last night Andeleki transferred the blame to his colleagues at Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) under which he claims the Zambianwatchdog is registered for which he says he had no jurisdiction.

Andeleki said that if he had a way, he would shut this website because it is involved in criminal activities.

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