Mufumbwe bye-election is between honest and ddishonest – Mumba


Addressing a rally in Mufumbwe today broadcast live on MUVI TV to drum up support for the MMD candidate Standford Mulusa,monitored by QFM News, Dr Mumba urged the people of Mufumbwe to erupt a volcano by rejecting the PF candidate Steven Masumba in this Thursday’s parliamentary by-elections.

Dr Mumba said the people of Mufumbwe should erupt the political volcano in the by-elections which will eventual engulf the entire country which PF will fail to contain.

He told the people gathered at the rally that Thursday’s by-elections was between honest and dishonest.

Dr Mumba rallied the people of Mufumbwe to deliver a judgment on the leadership of the PF by voting for the MMD candidate in the by-elections.

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