Zambia’s plans for national airline intensify


Zambia has intensified its push to re-establish a national airline to help boost the tourism industry in line with the new government’s plan to re-align tourism as one of the frontline economic sectors.

And London has opened discussions with prospecting investors who are proposing to lease out aircraft to Zambia for the establishment of a national carrier.

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Arts, David Phiri, who is leading the Zambian delegation at the 2012 World Tourism Market (WTM) in London, says it has become evidently clear that the country’s tourism sector will not get to its desired position without a national airline.

This is contained in a media statement issued by the Press Secretary to the Zambian High Commission in London, Amos Chanda.

“The question of connectivity is a central factor in the development of Zambia’s tourism sector. This can only come about where there is a viable national airline.

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way to take to the skies – Bravo David Phiri

Rich C

The idea of looking for investors to lease out aircraft “again” in my opinion is a dumb one. It did not work before, and it won’t work again. The best idea would be for an interest free loan from the government to buy brand new aircraft that are fuel efficient. Make the national carrier a public company with shares traded on the LUSE and/or other major international stock exchanges. That would be a real national carrier where the citizens feel proud they own a piece of the company because of there tax $s that are invested in the company. Eventually… Read more »