Woman (24) brutally murdered in Chisamba


A TWENTY-FOUR-YEAR old woman has been brutally murdered in Chisamba in unexplained circumstances as her assailants cut off all her limbs and removed her teeth before setting the house she was in ablaze.
Impeccable police sources and an older sister of the deceased, Prisca Kaseba confirmed the incident in separate interviews yesterday, with police indicating that the murder could be a ritual killing.
Police sources said the murder was similar to that of National Institute of Public Administration student Ruth Mbandu, who also had some parts of her body removed.
Ms Kaseba said her sister, Sharon, was murdered under unclear but bizarre circumstances.
She wondered why the police were reluctant to investigate the matter and demanded for justice for her sister’s killers.
Central Province police chief Standwell Lungu, when contacted, said he had not yet received a report on the matter.
The incident happened near Kasabati Farm in Chisamba area.

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