Mahtani forces government to deport his rivals


The ministry of Home Affairs has today (Wednesday) deported Danielle Vantriligea claiming he is a threat to national security, under the instigation of Rajan Mahtani.

Danielle is the son of Antonio Vantriiligea, the owner of Zambezi Portland Cement which has had severe differences with Finance Bank chairman Rajan Mahtani.

A few years ago, Mahtani tried to steal Zambezi Portlands by forging share certificates.

Meanwhile another deportation ploy engineered by deputy-Finance Minister Miles Sampa and Finance Bank chairman Rajan Mathani, through his hit man Pharaoh Mwanza and the bank’s former lawyer Zaheeda Essa against an Egyptian investor has been exposed.

Pharaoh Mwanza (in the photo) does all the dirty work Mahtani. Sampa is a former employ of Finance Bank.

On Monday, the three held a meeting at which they said said that, illegalities in the manner the investor acquired the Baobab land should be found at all cost.

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