Kambwili defends Lubinda, says PF might end up like MMD


PF national youth chairman Chishimba Kambwili has told off Lusaka province PF chairman, Geoffrey Chuumbwe to be magnanimous enough and stop the cadres from Kabwata constituency that went to the media to petition the party leadership to expel Kabwata member of parliament, Given Lubinda.

Kambwili has said that it is shameful and dis-respectful for cadres to be publicly throwing allegations against a senior member of the party like Lubinda when they can follow laid down party procedure, according to Radio Phoenix.

He added that if the cadres that were led by constituency chairman David Silubanje have issues against Lubinda, they should write to the constituency who should correspondingly write to the district executive with a view to bringing the matter before the provincial executive committee which can write to the central committee of the party.

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