Zambian soldiers and Police continue arresting and making Barotse activists disappear


Zambian security forces  in Barotseland have continued picking up people suspected to be secessions and detaining them without announcing.

In the past two week a number of people in Lukulu district have been picked up by police and detained in unknown locations.

Around Chritmas, three persons were arrested in Lukulu on suspicion of Barotse Activism. The picking up of the three seems connected to the clandestine army announced by the president Michael Sata, which according to him were assembled in Lukulu district.

It is believed the the people who were picked from Lukulu were taken t to Mongu, taken back to Lukulu and then taken back to Mongu.

On Wednesday 2nd January, 2013 another series of arrests were made in Mongu according to some sources.

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