Nude Photos: Church tells Post editors to check their consciousness and not just consider sales


The Council of Churches in Zambia is deeply concerned at the almost nude pictures that are being published in some of the daily tabloids.  The deliberate exposure of near naked women, the suggestive sexual positions of the dancers and the obvious alcohol abuse by the patrons at such occasions raises the question as to what is the motive of all those pictures.

It is palpable that the answer to this question might be that we are in a liberalised and democratic era and we can even be referred to the west where those things are normal and nobody complains and that people can chose to see or not to see, to read or not to read. The other argument might be that the internet is awash with worse pictures and people watch anything anyway.   However this phenomenon cannot pass without comment. Our nation is still too young to deal with these things as the west has done.

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7 years ago

Dalisoul,uleibwelamo pakucita ifintu fimo wabala wapishamo penso ngatafilolelemo wafuta walembako fimbi.Your muzik is good but fear God in all you do.That clip was so bad and evil.You should change for the better.