Rupiah Refuses to Attend ACC Probe


FORMER president Rupiah Banda says he is not prepared to subject

himself to a media trial.

But Dr Ludwig Sondashi says the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC’s) summoning of Banda over a corruption probe is indicative that the state has a good case to ask Parliament to remove his immunity.

Meanwhile, Banda’s administrative secretary Mikatazo Wakumelo says they will not go round circles over the former president’s summoning by the ACC.

In his letter dated February 5, 2013, addressed to ACC director general Rosewin Wandi in response to his being invited for interviews over allegations of corruption and criminal activities, Banda said through his lawyers Central Chambers, that it would be wrong for him to agree to a scheme that circumvents the Constitution of the land.

“We refer to the above matter and your letter of the 4th February 2013

which has been handed over to us with instructions to reply,” the

letter read.

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