Leaked PF campaign minutes in Livingstone show desperation to rig, win the seat at all costs


After failing to effectively capitalise on the death of Obvious Mwaliteta’s cook to their advantage by implicating UPND as being the ones responsible, the PF in Livingstone has again devised another formula that they hope will deliver the victory to their party at all costs.

According to the minutes of the PF campaign meeting obtained by the Watchdog held on 12th February 2013 at Florence Situtu’s house in Dambwa North, the ruling party has now come up with a vicious character assassination scheme against UPND candidate Regina Musokotwane.

The party has also devised several strategies leading to the day of the bye-election that involves injecting huge sums of government money in temporal projects and suspend some government projects that are not popular with the people.

Currently, Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) officials country-wide have not been paid since January 2013, but Masebo has ordered that those in Livingstone be paid to win their support.

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