||    6 March 2013 @ 12:03
Customers form a long queue to buy mealie meal at Katri Brothers shopin Chipata on Monday, following the mealie meal shortage in the District

Zambezi West UPND Member of Parliament Charles Kakoma says the writings on the wall are clear that the country will experience severe food shortage this year.Mr. Kakoma said what the PF government should be looking at now, is for the importation of maize because it is too late to set records straight this farming season.
Speaking to QFM News, Mr. Kakoma said the looming hunger in the country can mainly be attributed to the poor management of the agriculture sector by government.He stated that the other factor that will contribute to poor maize yields is the heavy rain that hit most parts of the country, including his constituency.Mr. Kakoma said the only solution to addressing the situation is by putting in place good agriculture policies.

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