Charles Milupi’s company bids for Malawi’s lake oil


A Zambian mining company, Kainsha Energy, registered in Lusaka in February 2012, has put in an application for an Exclusive Prospecting Licence for a block in Lake Malawi despite the fact that Malawi is yet to resolve its lake border row with Tanzania.

Local businessman and president of Opposition ADD Charles Milupi is the chairperson of the Kainsha energy. Milupi is one of the richest persons in Zambia.

Last year the Malawi Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) Mzuzu Diocese has warned government to trade cautiously with companies that invest in Malawi saying the Kayerekera Uranium mine in Karonga District is a clear example of how people fail to benefit from resources they have kept for generations.

“We urge government to consider the plight of local people before engaging in any contract with these companies,” CCJP’s Diocesan Secretary, Alnord Msimuko said.

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