Sata’s ministers, govt officials are staying in expensive apartments- reveals Chirwa


International conman and fraudster Prof. Clive Chirwa has revealed top secrets about PF government extravagance and luxury lifestyles and spending.

Featuring on ZNBC TV last night, Chirwa revealed that President Michael Sata’s Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and other senior PF governments are also enjoying the K72 million rentals a month.

“Am ready to fly back to the UK if am pushed. I came here to help and am not demanding a lot, if anything I’m the one losing much by being in Zambia.” revealed Chirwa with a Congolese accent.

Prof. Chirwa who said he was ready to fly back to UK if pushed as he was actually losing a lot by helping Zambians, revealed that the K140 million salary per month and the exorbitant rentals on his upmarket villa at Fallsway Apartment was nothing for a Chief Executive Officer of his stature.

“This is nothing, in fact there are some many people staying there (Fallsway Villas), even Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, they are all there,” Prof. Chirwa said.

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