We are here to stay-KCM


Konkola Copper Mines has assured the nation that it has no intentions of abandoning its operations in Zambia as it has a long term view of its investments in the country.
KCM Chief Executive Officer said the company’s parent company Vendetta Resources Plc has to date invested US$ 2.7 billion in KCM’s operations in Zambia.
Mr. Janakaraj said the mine will continue reinvesting in its operations in Zambia and plans to turn KCM into a world class mining operation.
He was speaking Wednesday evening on a special National Watch television programme on ZNBC TV.
“When we took over the mine in 2004, our strategic target was to secure the life of the mine and we have successfully extended the mine life by another 25 years, we had to invest robustly in new exploration projects within our licence area. We invested in a new smelter, the KDMP, new technologies and talent development,” Mr. Janakaraj said.
“We have a long term view of our investments here in Zambia, we are here to stay.

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Levies Matipa
Levies Matipa

Yes you can be here to stay if only you respect and abide to our conditions otherwise you will be shown the door.