Government explains the blocking of RB, Attorney General not served with the court order


Government has said that Former President Rupiah Banda has not been allowed to leave the country , because of the travel embargo placed on him by the government joint investigative wing.
Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu said that Mr. Banda was not allowed out of the country for fear of interfering with on-going investigation which have not been taken to court yet.
Mr. Lungu said that the joint Investigative wings fear that Mr. Banda may temper with evidence and witnesses, or sabotage the investigations all together.
He said that government has since given instructions to different investigative wings to be alert and not allow Mr. Banda to go out of the country without clearance.
Mr. Lungu said at a media briefing in Lusaka, that the Government Joint Investigative wings mandate is investigating Mr. Banda and if allowed out of the country he might interfere with witnesses. He said that the travel ban will only be lifted once the investigative team advises.
And Mr.

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