Xavier Chungu should be in same cell with Katele – Changala


It is totally unfair and unjust that former finance minister Katele Kalumba and his co accused were sent to prison on Zambia Intelligence matters when the director general who directed operations was not even brought to testify in the trial, civil rights activist Brebner Changala has said.
Mr Changala said that the mastermind of the so called plunder of Zamtrop account and resources Mr Xavier Chungu was free and roaming the streets of Lusaka while the persons that carried out the instructions were now behind bars.
Mr. Changala charged that the President Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata who was incarcerated for theft of motor vehicle by the Mwanawasa regime was released and acquitted after Xavier Chungu testified that he was a friend of the Intelligence Service.
The same, he said was true of Katele who was also found with a BMW vehicle from the Service.
“How then could the Katele group be convicted without evidence from Mr. Chungu who was giving the orders?” Mr Changala asked.

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