Milupi sees through UPND schemes


ADD president Charles Milupi has appealed to other opposition political parties who are genuine and want to see Zambia take a different route to see through the UPND’s schemes.

Commenting on the continued poaching of MMD members by the UPND, Milupi said any talk of unity with the UPND was usually an opportunity for them to have access to members of the other party.

“There is a lot of dishonesty among some opposition political parties in an effort to unite and for some, this dishonesty is inherent where they see any discussion towards unity as an opportunity to entice members on the other side who are approached at night to cross over to their side,” he said.

Milupi said the UPND were desirous of being in power.

“They are so desirous to them being in power, them being president.

They are unable to see a situation where other people can be the ones to lead. They are unable to see a situation where they are part and parcel of a group that shares power genuinely.

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