It’s PF in Nigerian oil deal!


Not  a single drop of Nigerian Oil landed in Lusaka under the agreement on which former President Banda had his immunity lifted for prosecution, instead in a new twist of events, the Patriotic Front (PF) government is now deeply involved in the same Nigerian Oil deal.

Testifying before Chief Resident Magistrate Joshua Banda, the Nigerian oil tycoon Akpane Ekpene said that the PF government had continued with the oil deal with his company after the former President Banda lost the election and could not therefore execute the agreement.

Mr. Ekpene revealed that his company SARB Energy sourced and paid US$2.5 million to Nigerian National Corporation producing (NNCP) under the ministry of Petroleum for the shipment of 45 000 barrels of oil that was supposed to be delivered to Zambia but was not.

Mr. Ekpene said that he was able to pay US$2.5 million to the NNCP for the oil deal as an agent on behalf of the Zambian government.


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