After Shopping Malls, SME Agribusiness, Road Construction now pioneering ‘Digital Age’, Stanbic CEO at eCommerce launch


They say rapture and technology have one thing in common; they leave the unprepared behind. Stanbic Bank is one such entity that has not been left behind but has instead pioneered the digital age curve in its quest to bring the globe to its clients doorsteps. The blue Bank on 13 June, was clearly in a digital mood when it led the business tech-curve by launching its eCommerce solution. This virtual solution is convenient and reliable that allows its clientele to transact online anywhere in the world at anytime without physically presenting their credit or debit cards at the time of purchase. Buying truly just got easier for its clients.Stanbic Bank Chief Executive Officer Charles Mudiwa speaks at the launch of ecommerce platform on 13 June.“Our philosophy is that Zambia is our home, we drive her growth and we cannot drive her growth if we can’t bring technology to it. Unless we start to Deminstrate Zambia is living in the 21st century and is also connected to the rest of the world. This is were direct payments come in, we all want to shop abroad. We want to have access to the world and have it on our finger tips. What Stanbic is doing is to bring the world to your doorstep to allow you do transactions at the safety of your home. Allowing you to transact even now such that by the time you get home, that pair of shoes you ordered will be waiting for you. We are a pioneering Bank since 1956 and part of the Zambian growth. We are the first Bank to pioneer first proper shopping malls in Zambia, Manda Hill may not know but we financed, built it and owned it for a long time, East Park and Cosmoploitan Mall including the expansionary works going on at Arcades Mall. The new waterfalls Mall upcoming at the airport turnoff we are a pioneering Bank. A few weeks ago launched Banking for free as long you are on the MTN network you can access the bs is services for free. We have pioneered shopping malls, SME agriculture, road construction and this time we will pioneer digital age to give you Banking at your doorstep.”(Stanbic Bank Chief Executive Officer Charles Mudiwa.

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