Men, boys should take family planning pills


CHIENGI member of Parliament Given Katuta (FDD) says men should also take family planning contraceptives to reduce on the number of school going girls that

are impregnated.
Ms Katuta said even boys from as young as the age of nine must also be given contraceptive pills because they are the ones who impregnate girls.
Ms Katuta said it is time the nation woke up to the fact that boys and girls know about sex.
Ms Katuta said condoms alone are not enough to tame boy’s sexual drive.
“Boys too need to be subjected to pills and injections and not just condoms. These are the same ones who impregnate girls, who later turn to unsafe abortions,” Ms Katuta said.
The Chiengi parliamentarian was contributing to debate on the report of the Committee on health, community development and social services.
Ms Katuta said it is time family planning is emphasised on men.
“Mr Speaker, it is time family planning is taken to villages. People in rural areas look at family planning as a taboo. For the people in villages, they feel spacing children is a waste of time,” Ms Katuta said.
Kabwe Central MP Tutwa Ngulube said it is sad that most families have turned defilement cases into money making ventures.
Mr Ngulube said most families opt to get compensation for defiled children at the expense of reporting to police.
“Mr Speaker there is a large number of defiled cases that go unreported because most parents prefer to get compensated instead of reporting the matter to police, or even withdrawing cases,” he said.
Mr Ngulube said most victims undergo serious trauma and some even get infected with HIV.
Mr Ngulube said it is therefore necessary to put in place laws that ensure relatives or the community report cases of sexual abuse.
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