Tenant ordered to pay rental arrears


THE Buchi local Court has ordered a man of Kawama township to pay K1,675 to his landlord in rental arrears accrued over a six month period.
Buchi local court senior presiding magistrate Nsama Banda made the order last week after hearing the case in which Gerald Chilyanga sued Benson Mukosha for non-payment of rent from September 2016 to March 2017.

Mr Chilyanga told the court that he owns a house where Mukosha was staying and paying K350 per month.
He testified that Mukosha was never been consistent in his payment of rent and defaulted from time to time.
Mr Chilyanga said Mukosha always claimed that he had not yet been paid whenever he was reminded about paying his rentals.
He testified that on January, 2, this year, Mukosha was reminded about settling his rental debt and that he promised to do so by the 16th of the same month but failed.
Mr Chilyanga said in March this year, both parties sat down and agreed that the monies owed amounted to K1,675 and that Mukosha promised to settle the arrears starting from April Monthend but to date had not done so.
“This is why I have brought him to court so that you help me recover my money,” he said.
But Mukosha said the K1 675 that his former landlord was claiming was in dispute.
He testified that Mr Chilyanga used to increase rentals abruptly and without agreeing with his tenants.
Mukosha said he also worked for part of the money by building an extension that Mr Chilyanga made to the house.
In passing judgment, magistrate Banda said Mukosha should have moved out of the house after he noticed that his landlord was increasing rentals abruptly.

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