PF in Kafue denies Mast story


THE Patriotic Front (PF) in Kafue in Lusaka Province has distanced itself from yesterday’s Mast Newspaper article titled ‘You have

failed the PF’ purporting the youths in the district have told President Lungu.
In the article in question, Doreen Mumba claimed the ruling party is dying because of President Lungu’s poor leadership.
PF Kafue district chairman Kelvin Simukanzye told journalists in Kafue yesterday that the people who issued the statement are not members of the ruling party.
“They do not exist in all our party structures starting from the sections, branches, wards, constituency up to the district. And the named youth, Doreen Mumba, we don’t even know her as the name does not appear in our register,” he said.
Mr Simukanzye said the party leadership in Kafue has a procedure of issuing statements in accordance with the PF constitution.
“I wish to make the position of the party clear in Kafue, we are more united than ever before and we are disturbed with such statement which does not have the blessing of the party leadership,” he said.
Mr Simukanzye said the PF in Kafue is in full support of President Lungu and is also behind party secretary general Davies Mwila.
He said Kafue has received a fair share of development such as Kafue District Hospital which will soon be declared a general hospital, opening of Chikupi Secondary School and declaration of Kafue as a steel industrial hub.
Mr Simukanye warned of stern disciplinary action against any party official in the district who will be found guilty of insulting President Lungu.
“We will identify those who are masquerading as party members and issuing contradicting statements, because we know that some people have been paid to issue false statements so as to cause confusion in the party,” he said.
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