Digi-Innovative Opportunity Challenge for Providers – BOZ to Consider Selling Debt using Mobile Phones


He is a man with a proven track record, paid to look through the window despite his office being on the 1st floor. The only Chief Executive Officer for a mobile service provision company that takes time to engage clients on social media. Charles Molapisi has done it with commercial banks and we believe can do it with the central bank too. ‘Bank for free’ with Stanbic Bank and ‘Bank to wallet’ with his Elunda park neighbor Barclays Bank. Great initiatives, but there’s wider scope for more that Zambia’s top network provider MTN can do. Kenya has led the Africa digital innovation curve by allowing selling of bonds using mobile phones allowing citizens to buy as low as KES3,000 and as high as KES1million to earn a return. The first time this initiative kicked off the government sold infrastructure bonds worth KES150million but the appetite has risen to a KES1billion. The question is then; “what stops us as Zambia from allowing citizens to buy as low as ZMW3,000 and as high as ZMW1million in bonds using mobile phones?

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