Police Testify In mutinta M’membe Obstruction Case


A police officer has told the Lusaka magistrate court that he doesn’t have documentary evidence to show that Mutinta M’membe tore a search warrant after raiding their residence in Lusaka’s Rhodes Park area.
This is in a matter in which Mutinta Mmembe is facing a charge of obstructing court officials.
Assistant superintendent Albert Chiluwa has explained before magistrate Faidess Hamaundu that despite seeing Mutinta tearing a search warrant, he cannot produce documentary evidence to substantiate the claim.
During cross examination by the accused lawyers, Chiluwa also failed to cite the authority to back his claim that a torn warrant losses its validity.
Chiluwa however insisted that the search warrant became defective after the accused tore it into two pieces despite being legible.
And Chiluwa has admitted that Mutinta’s request for legal representation during the search did not amount to obstruction as it was her right to do so.
He says police officers conducted the search without problems the following day in the presence of the lawyers.
And Chiluwa has denied the claim by the defense that six police officers forced their way into the yard without consent from the owner of the premises.
This is despite telling the court that before Mutinta arrived at her house police had entered the yard. 

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