OPINION: Pres. Lungu Must Act On The South Africa Debacle


The drama around President Edgar Lungu being shunned by South Africa opposition leaders Mmusi Maimane and Julius Malema make very embarrassing reading. So often the President’s handlers have received credit for managing to push a polished image of him. His handlers have managed to package his dress sense making him an embodiment of flawlessness. But the same cannot be said about how smart they have been in handling his public relations and diplomatic affairs. The President has needlessly been encouraged to make acquaintance with some of Africa’s loathsome personalities. They have done little to check what image has become of him among his peers but keep sending him from one dictatorship strong man to the next. But the manner they threw him into the lion’s den when the meeting for Maimane who was denied entry into Zambia and has been spearheading demonstrations in South Africa against the Zambian government and Malema whose loathe for Lungu and his regime is a matter of public record is sad.

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