Zambia trains hundreds of teachers in the run-up to Africa Code Week 2017


Skilled Volunteers from SAP CSR EMEA successfully trained more than 350 local teachers over the weekend as part of the Train-the-Trainer sessions organized by SAP and Africa Code Week partners at Lusaka International Community School (LICS). Participants learnt coding with Scratch, a free programming language designed by the MIT Media Lab to teach coding to the young generation in a fun and interactive way. Everyone received 90 minutes of training, a USB with course notes and Scratch pre-loaded, together with a training certificate upon course completion. Spearheaded by SAP in 2015 with over half-a-million young Africans introduced to coding so far, Africa Code Week officially returns to the continent from 18-25 October with a goal to empower another 500,000 across 35 countries. Actively supported by UNESCO YouthMobile, the Cape Town Science Centre, the Galway Education Centre, Google, 15 African governments and over 100 public and private partners, the award-winning initiative is on a mission to bridge the digital skills gap across the African continent by empowering its future workforce with coding skills. While 8-17 year olds learn how to program their own animations, quizzes and games using Scratch, older learners (18-24) get introduced to web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and SQL) and architecture. “There is no transformation of education through ICT without proper training of teachers first; hence the importance of the Train-the-Trainer sessions organized every year in most participating countries,” says Claire Gillissen-Duval, Director of EMEA Corporate Social Responsibility at SAP and Africa Code Week Global Lead. “This is where the transfer of skills and knowledge takes place as SAP skilled volunteers equip teachers with the teaching materials they need to make coding a daily reality in the classroom,” Gillissen-Duval continues. Last year more than 5,600 adults were trained as part of the 25+ Train-the-Trainer sessions organized all over the continent.

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