Kudos ZNBC for ‘Building the Future’ programme


Dear editor,
I WOULD like to commend Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) for its ‘Building the Future’ radio programme aired on Sunday morning.

The programme, which is presented by youths is a good blend of thrilling information, education and entertainment.
The programme also provides a platform for training of future radio and TV presenters.
I urge young people who want to become TV presenters to spare time to listen to this programme or visit ZNBC.
It is inspiring to see how young presenters such as Bridget Mulunda Zulu, Eniya Phiri, Faith Chanda, Charity Kampinda, Prisca Nsofwa, Joshua Mphande, Gerard Mambwe, Bupe kombe, Mapalo Kombe, Ireen Mwale and Moses Mwanza present various issues such as health, education, business and entertainment on the programme. The youngsters are truly impressive.ZNBC should continue preparing young and future TV and radio presenters. To the producer Mable Night and ZNBC management, keep up the excellent works.RABBSON DAKALuangwa
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