ZPPA Wash Their Hands Of Fire Truck Scandal


The Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) is the latest to distance itself from the controversial procurement of 42 fire engines totalling $42 million. Allegations that the award of the contract to a high-cost bidder with connections to State House points to corruption continue to circulate, prompting the ZPPA to clarify its role in the matter. The Zambia Public Procurement Authority says it was not involved in the procurement of the 42 controversial fire engines at the cost of 42 million dollars. Speaking at a media briefing today, ZPPA Director General Danies Chisenda said the Authority only exists to regulate procurement by public institutions. Mr Chisenda said the fire tenders were procured by the Ministry of Local Government because ZPPA does not procure goods and services for any public institutions. This begs the question what does the ZPPA oversee then?

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