Party Cadres Start To Turn Against The PF


Some Patriotic Front Officials on the Copperbelt are incensed with the turn of events which has split the ruling party. With members are backing calls by Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) that the party goes for an indaba for introspection to save it from further collapse. They have expressed worry that the Party Secretariat and those in senior positions have forgotten those that elected them in office and have focused on enriching themselves at the expense of majority voters. “I think in politics we have to listen to our voters because they put us in these offices and the more we ignore their concerns the higher the risk of us being voted out of power. This is exactly what happened to the MMD. They stopped listening to the people that voted and all of us saw the result. I think it’s time we paid attention to the people’s concerns,” an official said.

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